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Navigating this site

The next page icon next page and the previous page icon previous page appear at the top and bottom of most of the pages on this site. These enable you to read this site like a book.

Most pages also have a menu on the left. Right now the menu is showing you the top level course outline. Other pages contain sub-section menus instead. Often one of the items on a menu will be grayed out. This tells you where you are now.

Speaking of which, that top bar provides one-click access to the home page, the registration area, the Past Pages feature and the memorized references feature.


This web site has a few advanced features that become available when you register. Technically, the registration procedure enables the site to remember some things for you through a mechanism known as web cookies. For some information on cookies in general, and this site's use of them in particular, please visit our cookie information page.

To register at any time, just click on the register item near the top of any page. We ask for basic demographic information when you register. We do not ask that you identify yourself unless you are requesting CME credit, or are doing this as part of a required course. In that case the purpose is strictly to identify you to the CME office or your course instructor when evaluation scores are sent. We do not otherwise release, publish or use identifying information. The demographic data from your registration and the results of evaluations will help us understand how and why people use this course, so that we can continue to refine its focus.

The registration process now supports the option of enrolling for a required course. This enables the site to send your evaluation scores to the instructor of the course you are enrolled in.

The Registration page has a menu that allows instructors to register their course with Breastfeeding Basics, update that registration, and manually request that their scores be sent (in case they get lost in the mail or something). The menu also allows visitors to enroll in a course (separately from registering for Breastfeeding Basics), or request that their scores be sent.

Evaluation scores for students enrolled in a course or for CME credit are normally sent automatically by this site, although manual requests to send scores are also provided in case something goes wrong.

Log In and Log Out

When you register, you will have the opportunity to choose a Personal ID and a password that allow you to log in and out of this site. Each session will retain data from previous sessions, such as your memorized references.

The purpose of this is twofold; first, it allows you to use two or more computers to access your account on Breastfeeding Basics, and second, it allows shared computers (eg: in libraries) to be used by different people to access their own accounts on Breastfeeding Basics.

This is not a strong security system. We don't consider the data on this site to be particularly critical. Its theft or loss would not seem likely to cause more than an inconvenience. The use of passwords is intended mostly to prevent accidental modifications to your stored information. However, if you walk away from a computer in a library without logging out of this site, or closing the browser, then the next person to use that computer has access to your stored information. There is nothing we can do to prevent this without creating even more inconvenience. Passwords are inconvenient enough!

Recall Past Pages

This site has two unique features. The first is automatic bookmarking. The web server keeps track of the last several pages that you have visited. When you come back a day or a week later, you can resume where you left off by clicking on the Past Pages item on the top menu bar. This brings up a list of the most recent pages that you have visited. You can select one of them to resume the course.

This feature may also be helpful if you just want to go back a few pages to re-read some earlier material.

Recall References

Like all academic works, this one cites many references. Each citation is clickable so that you can view the reference. If you click on the little icon (Memorize) that appears with the citation, this adds the reference to your personal list. Your list can be recalled by clicking the Recall Refs item in the navigation bar above. You can print out the list if you wish.

A few of the articles cited in this course are now on the web. When you view these references they will have a direct link to the article.

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