Breastfeeding Basics: Hints for Usage

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Course Outline
Breastfeeding Benefits & Barriers
Anatomy & Physiology
Growth & Development
Breastfeeding Around the World
The Breastfeeding Couple
The Term Infant with Problems
Breast Milk and Drugs

BreastfeedingBasics has been available for about 15 years. Modifications have been made during this time including adding new information and references to all modules, and revising and replacing some pre-test and post-test questions.

The modules are arranged in order that seemed logical for people with little breastfeeding knowledge. Working through the modules in the order presented will allow you to build on knowledge gained in prior modules as you progress. The module "Breastfeeding Around the World" discusses issues about the importance of breastfeeding in the developing countries and breastfeeding and HIV infection. These issues may be of less clinical relevence to health care providers in the United States and other developed countries than information in the other modules. The first page of each module has a table of contents for that module. Scanning the table of contents may help you decide if the material is of interest to you.

Analysis of anonymous data from the pretest and posttest scores has allowed us to make some suggestions for website users.

Many people do the pre-tests on the first 2 modules "Breastfeeding Benefits and Barriers" and "Anatomy and Physiology" and do not proceed further. Pretest scores are highest on these 2 modules averaging 90% and 85% respectively. Analysis of the pretest scores of all modules show that the lowest average scores occur in the modules of "Growth and Development"(68%), "The Breastfed Infant with Problems" (77%), and "Breast Milk and Drugs" (79%). Registrants to the website with some breastfeeding knowledge may wish to concentrate on these modules. Alternatively, users could do the pretests on all modules and concentrate on the modules that they scored lowest on.

If you are a teacher and wish to have proof that your students have completed the assigned modules of the website, you can have the student's scores on the post-tests sent to you. If you click on the 'register' button at the top of the page, and then click on 'teachers: register a course' button on the left bar you can set up the process. Although the students names are sent to you, they are not collected in the anonymous data that we use in website evaluation.

We hope you find the website helpful in expanding your knowledge about breastfeeding

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