The Breastfeeding Couple: The New Family

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The Breastfeeding Couple: Topics
Table of Contents
Pre module evaluation
Breastfeeding Initiation
Breast Care
New Family
Growth Spurts
Maternal Diet
Returning to Work
Post module evaluation

New mothers may find that breastfeeding is a tiring experience. They need to be reassured that it is all right to limit visitors until the baby is two to three weeks of age.

If family members are coming to visit they should be encouraged to provide help that the mother needs. This may include caring for the other children, cooking and keeping house.

Fathers need to be reassured that they have a role in the new family by supporting the mother and the new baby. Fathers can help with older children, with cooking, clean up, or bringing home take-out food. Once breastfeeding is well established (by 3 to 4 weeks of age) the father, grandparents or older siblings can give an occasional bottle of expressed breast milk to a breastfed baby.

All new breastfeeding mothers should have a breast pump available or know how to do hand expression. If they are planning to pump regularly, an electric breast pump may be preferable. Pumped milk can be saved in the refrigerator or in the freezer and fed to the baby later.

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