Breastfeeding Around the World: Reasons not to Breastfeed

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Breastfeeding Around the World: Topics
Table of Contents
Pre module evaluation
History of Breastfeeding
Importance of Breastfeeding in the Developing World
Disaster Situations
Post module evaluation

There are a few situations in which breastfeeding might not be possible or medically advisable. Examples are:

  1. Maternal death,
  2. Maternal HIV infection (in some situations),
  3. Maternal use of illicit drugs.

Maternal death related to childbirth is very rare in the developed world. Most infants whose mothers die in the developed world are fed a breast milk substitute and do very well. In the developing world the risk of infant death is very high when fed a breast milk substitute. In many countries, an effort is made to find a wet nurse for the baby.

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