Breastfeeding Basics: Growth & Development

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Course Outline
Breastfeeding Benefits & Barriers
Anatomy & Physiology
Growth & Development
Breastfeeding Around the World
The Breastfeeding Couple
The Term Infant with Problems
Breast Milk and Drugs

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants should be able to accurately assess the growth of breastfed infants.

  2. Participants should be able to assess the available data on breastfeeding and developmental outcomes and be able to apply this in their counseling of families.

Contents of This Module

  1. Pre-module Evaluation

  2. The Growth of Term Infants

  3. The Development of Term Breast Fed Infants

  4. The Growth and Development of Preterm Infants

  5. Post-module Evaluation

  6. References

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