Breastfeeding & Drugs: Heroin

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Breastfeeding and Drugs Topics
Table of Contents
Pre module evaluation
Prescription and Over the Counter Medications
Case Study 28
Case Study 29
Pain Medications
Illicit Drugs
Post module evaluation

Numerous reports in the literature from the 1920's to the 1950's revealed that breastfeeding was used as a form of therapy for infants suffering from narcotic (usually heroin) withdrawal. If these infants stopped breastfeeding, they suffered withdrawal symptoms similar to those of newborns fed formula born to heroin addicted mothers. If the mothers were slowly withdrawn from heroin and the infants continued nursing during this time, they suffered no withdrawal symptoms ( Memorize Cobrinik, 1959 ). The lack of control over the amount of narcotic administered to the infant makes this a less desirable method of drug withdrawal than other methods used today. Consequently heroin using women should not breastfeed.

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